VIDEO: Kenyan woman attempts to rob American bank, uses child as shield


Evelyn Misumi was on Wednesday arrested after her attempt to rob a Bank of America branch in Murphy, Texas, was thwarted by authorities.

It is alleged that Misumi entered the premise with lighter fluid and gas and when police came to the scene, she attempted to use a child as a shield.

Upon gaining access to the bank’s lobby, the accused poured the fluid and gasoline on the floor, threatening to raze down the building.

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The bank’s employees quickly called 911 and it was at this point that Misumi knew she had run out of luck.

When police arrived, they Tased Misumi and then used pepper spray to try to stop her

A video shared on Twitter showed authorities rescuing the baby from Misumi in the parking lot before she was whisked away.

“Police elected not to draw weapons as no immediate danger to themselves or surrounding individuals was apparent.

“They did, however, attempt to impede her escape by tasing her. When that proved unsuccessful, officers used pepper spray on the woman,” read a statement seen by Ureport.

Here is the video of the incident:

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