Kenyan Referendum and Corruption talk: It’s all about Ruto 2022!


“We Had a Good Laugh,” Jubilee Laughs Off NASA Swearing-In CeremonyThe Kikuyu community would be ethically wrong to ditch William Ruto: Every politician desires to be a head of state. When listening to political rhetoric and speeches, a person must understand that the politician has one goal in mind: to convince you to vote for him or her. There are politicians who genuinely desire to become presidents in order to transform society. However, a vast majority of politicians desire to enjoy the trappings of power and the luxury it provides for the individual and their family: selfishness and self – love! Everything else is but a smoke screen.


Those of us who teach about life and all its disciplines view politics from the perspective of personal gain. This is based upon our understanding of anthropology and the nature of man. However, for those who have dedicated themselves to biblical anthropology, selfishness is part of human DNA. Every person on earth loves self. It is with this knowledge of man that Christ instructed humanity to, “love your neighbor as you love yourself” (Mathew 22:39). Note that Christ did not condemn self – love. Rather, he encouraged us to absolutely love ourselves first, but extend that self love to our neighbor. And who is our neighbor? Well, Christ told us in the story of the Good Samaritan (read it again: Luke 10:25-37). The principles of Christ are not just spiritual, but naturally necessary.


With this in mind, Kenyan politics is about self – love. Not the self love of the individual person, rather, it is the self – love of a tribe. We are a tribal society. Those who understand this factor and acknowledge it succeed politically. Those who live in ‘tubaktu’ in the pretex of brotherly love are but blind folded fools. With this in mind, the Kikuyu like every other tribe are selfish. During a function in the luhya community, Cyrus Jirongo stated, “ Sisi Jamii ya waluhya tuwe waluhya kwanza kabla ya kufikiria kitu cha kitaifa. . . hata sisi jamii ya waluhya tunajitafutia.” ( Every tribe wishes that it had a president running Kenya. Therefore, saying that the Kikuyu are selfish is not to accuse them. It is stating a fact about tribalism.

During the 2013 and 2017 presidential elections, William Ruto and his Kalenjin Community supported Kikuyu. Then the two tribes convinced other tribes to join them in electing Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. This is a matter of fact. The reason why the Kalenjin community joined with the Kikuyu is tribal selfishness and self interest: the promise that the Kikuyu community would support William Ruto when his ‘selfish’ ambition of becoming president arrives in 2022. Was it morally wrong for the Kelenjin to be selfish in this approach? NO! They ‘loved their neighbor, the Kikuyu, like they loved themselves.’ They did this with the expectation that the Kikuyu would be consistent with the principle of self-love and love them back as they love themselves: simple mathematics.


Western countries, America, and the European union do not understand this Kenyan principle of tribal selfishness. In fact they view it as ethically wrong and operate in Kenya with the hypocritical approach of “tribalism must end.” They do this ignoring their own tribalism: Black, White, Hispanics, Arab, and Jews: all tribal. There is nothing wrong with tribalism if this category is viewed from the philosophy of Yesu Kristo’s, “Mpende Jirani yako kama unavio jipenda mwenyewe.” This is not advocating spiritualization of the gospel, rather, a good principle to follow! However, in this, I do not expect the non-born again human to be perfect. That is why we as priests continue evangelism. We plead with humanity to seek a path to spiritual perfection! To be born again.


Given this therefore, like a shack, Raila Odinga has smelled blood in the water. We learned from out going US Ambassador to Kenya that he was involved in the ‘handshake’. The ‘handshake’ must have promised him a referendum that would change the make up of the presidency, bringing about ‘brotherly love’ and defeating tribalism! Only Ruto can stop this. Therefore he must be discredited! “Thief”, they scream! Why? To Deny William Ruto the promised equal footing that he and his community gave Uhuru. Ruto knows this and he will not, and should not support anything less than being loved by president Kenyatta and his tribe as he loved them.


As a minister of Yesu Kristo, I do not take sides politically. However, I must point out injustice: The Kikuyu community would be ethically wrong to ditch William Ruto. Even in a non-born again state of politics, humanity must seek the moral good and supporting William Ruto is historically and morally good! He supported their ‘selfishness’ and they must support his. Again quoting Yesu Kristo, “Let your yes be yes and your no be no!” Mathew 5:37.  Stick to your promise.


You see, St. Paul states that humanity, born again or not, is bound by scripture (Romans 13). The premise of scripture is, “. .So He, GOD, created them.” (Gen 1)


Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)

HTBluff Associates


Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist


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