Police boss Mutyambai drives self in Nairobi, puzzles many

Hillary Mutyambai

Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai was seen driving himself in the city centre and stopping at a traffic jam on Saturday that puzzled many.

Mutyambai seemed relaxed and was accompanied by a male passenger.

This is contrary to many of his predecessors or other so called VIPs who would need escorts.

In other news…

What exactly happened to a first time MP from the Coast? The MP has all over sudden gone quiet and stopped accompanying a top politician to tours and harambees across the country.

The man had by surprise become part of the lieutenants backing the senior figure for his 2022 presidential bid.

He spared no opportunity to drum up support for the senior politician and in most occasions shared choppers to the various destination.

Was the man scared or he found the ground in his constituency shifting after he was told he could be a one-term MP over his decision.

His he plotting to shift allegiance to a different political camp or just buying time to determine how the country will respond to the political current?


Source The Standard Newspaper

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