Some Kenyan-born Americans backs Republicans and will vote for Trump

Some Kenyan-born Americans backs Republicans and will vote for Trump

Some Kenyan-born Americans backs Republicans and will vote for TrumpWhile the assumption is that Kenyan Diaspora in the United States of America would align themselves with Democrats, there is a sizeable number that usually backs Republican and voted for Trump and will vote for Trump again, his immigration policy notwithstanding.

“Unless you live in the US, you would not understand the finely suppressed tension among Kenyans when it comes to elections and the Democratic-Republican politics,” Prof Joseph Situma of Wilmington University, Delaware, said.

Mr James Sang, a resident of Baltimore, Maryland, says while most Kenyans and Africans are mainly religious and culturally conservative, they are liberal in other social matters.

“They mostly align with the American religious conservatives whose beliefs are premised on dogma and opposition to same-sex marriage, civil unions, abortion and other ideas. Politically, they align with the liberals, whose philosophy is based on social justice and equality,” Mr Sang said.

The IT expert argues that Africans are generally “social animals” who believe in the sharing of economic resources.

This is where they differ from Americans who advocate for individualism.

“African Socialism aligns very well with the Democratic Party platform, which is based on civil liberty, social equality, immigration reform and expansion of programmes like affordable college education and universal health care,” he said.

Terrible president

Dr David Amakobe, a social and behavioural expert in Middletown, Delaware, believes something else is making immigrants vote for Democrats.

He says Trump is a terrible president whose policies have adversely affected immigrants.

He adds that immigrants see themselves as having a stake in the Biden-Harris administration because there’s a heavy presence of the African diaspora in the Democratic Party campaign who are influencing policy making.

“We are not just a group of migrant workers grateful for American hospitality and looking for handouts. We are taxpayers seeking to hold our elected leaders to account. We are Looking for local solutions for local challenges before we can talk about foreign policy,” he said.

Dr Amakobe, a member of the Democratic Party in Delaware, is among a small group immigrants that pushed the Biden-Harris campaign to develop a distinct African Diaspora Agenda that’s now prominently displayed at its campaign website.



Some Kenyan-born Americans backs Republicans and will vote for Trump

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