Isaac Kinity

If the AU has all that time to discuss the fate of the Deputy President William Ruto case at the ICC, it has no excuse at all for not sparing just a little time to discuss the fate of the African women now dying on daily basis in the hands of ruthless and murderers Arabs in Saudi Arabia and in other Arab Nations.

Very many cases have been reported of African women who went to Saudi Arabia as house help, being tortured, gang raped and murdered in Saudi Arabia and in other Arab countries.
History has proved that Arabs have no regard at all for the black people.  The Arabs are solely responsible for the hundreds of years of slavery of blacks in the West. They were the main slave traders who dragged Africans from their homes using guns, and sold them as slaves to the West and to other areas of the World. Their continued inhuman treatment of Africans is a testimony of their hate of the black community.
If the AU can have all that time to discuss the Kenyan cases at the Hague, why has it been reluctant to fight for the lives of the poor desperate women now stranded in Saudi Arabia and in other Arab Nations?.
By Isaac Newton Kinity.
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