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Vote for Uhuru Kenyatta; category African person of the yearJust a year ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta would never have dared to step his foot in some parts of the country, but the handshake between him and the opposition doyen Raila Odinga has made him the most popular President since Independence.

The Facebook account put him as the second most followed leader in Africa having 3.2 million followers with Egyptian President Abdel Fatall leading with 7.2 million followers.

If this popularity is something to rely on, then can he use it to leave an everlasting legacy?

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Do people follow him to see if he is doing something to fight the monstrous corruption?

It can be deceiving following for curiosity sake to see if the man is enacting any changes most needed in the country.

Can he now use his popularity to unite Kenya?

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The Western countries and especially USA pushed President Moi to accept the multi party system but it appears that the country was not ready for such a drastic change as the same divided people along tribal lines.

The handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga had left the majority of Kenyans guessing its effectiveness but now it is evident that the same, has created a conducive environment for development.

We are now more united than never before and if Uhuru can use this chance, this can be the turning point in Kenya’s history.

The way forward now is to ensure that institutions that are in a lamentable condition get a total facelift by getting rid of the majority of corrupt leaders and replacing them with selfless ones.

First, a country without a strong judicially for example cannot progress for it’s the institution that interpret laws and make final Judgements to discipline wrong doers.

Judicially is the final institution that ensures justice for all is done or is seeing to be done., Having said that and to get good effective judicially, Uhuru should now act fast while the effects of the handshake are still bearing fruits and form a no nonsense commission to deal with all corrupt judges once and for all.

Justice Maranga may not be the problem as many are shouting but the problem is the entire institution as it is full of corrupt people right from the court servers to the top judges some of whom have been implicated in corruption.

There is definitely no effective working formula and cases are delayed on purpose just to frustrate people so that they can bribe their way out.

Blaming technology as some put it is not the solution but laxity and lack of total commitment is what is killing that institution.

Judiciary is one among many and if the focus is how to strengthen the institutions and seal all the loopholes of corruption starting with the tendering procurement, then that is where to begin.

Once a strong judiciary is in place, then all will fear the repercussions.

After we put in place a reliable judiciary, then we can move on to the police department and after that move with speed and overhaul the remaining institutions.

Yes the handshake may have come at the right time to overhaul all institutions and when done Kenyans can breathe a sigh of relief while going on with their daily struggles to fulfilling their dreams and aspirations in life.

In order to do that we may have to shelve the big 5 agenda as the same is not working as smooth as it should be when there is rampant corruption as envisaged by scandals that are emerging every day.

After stamping out corruption then we can proceed with the laid out plans while with confident that the process is free from corruption.

It is possible and many are optimistic that one-day no matter how long it takes, committed Kenyans will eventually salvage their lost forgotten glory and finally come out of the epidemic political quagmire darkness and experience the everlasting joy.

Though we are still undergoing a period of total confusion many now believe that the defining moment has finally come to reclaim their lost shining forgotten glory and without doubt, if committed, we will all realize meaningful second liberation independence.

Second liberation that is not hijacked by some selfish leaders but rather, committed selfless Kenyans full of optimism.

Full of optimism so as to ensure that the common man that they represent, can at least enjoy the fruits of independence that they so hard fought for, with many even dying in the process.

It’s time now for people to take advantage of the current nation healing process and many have hope that soon, the doctrines that the nation was founded upon will eventually be put in place. All are waiting to see developments to reap the fruits of their struggle so as to justify the precious blood that was shed by many people that sacrificed their lives in search of freedom.

That is the craving call as many now are talking of a referendum to iron out and put in place a constitution that will address each and every aspect and one that will be a reflection of  a form of equality to all in society when it comes to representation.

2022 should be the year of political maturity where Wananchi will be given a chance to vote a person of their choice that has a clear development agenda. Every right thinking Kenyan should shun the band wagon political dummies that move from one burial place to the next with only one agenda of glorifying individuals.

People should look at the development record and vote conscious leaders and not to be coerced to vote for politician choices.

Its time for President Uhuru to realize that and use his popularity good or bad to leave an everlasting legacy.

If he can take this chance, then we may realize the dawn of a new genuine movement overhauling the lamentable miasmic system and the illusionary National cake thereafter will be shared equitably by all.




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