Economist David Ndii Supports DP Ruto In the wheelbarrows Campaign


Economist David Ndii Supports DP Ruto In the wheelbarrows Campaign
Economist David Ndii Supports DP Ruto In the wheelbarrows CampaignCelebrated economist David Ndii has schooled Kenyans who have been criticizing the act of giving wheelbarrows to Kenyan youths and women.

Deputy President William Ruto has been leading in this sector, giving wheelbarrows and other tools in the name of supporting Kenyans’ hustles and empowering them.

However, a section of Kenyans led by politicians has been trolling the DP for the same, saying the tools he has been giving to the youths cannot change their life and the economy at large.

David Ndii has schooled Kenyans of such a mindset that their level of economics is upside down.

According to Ndii even small tools such as wheelbarrow play a crucial role in growing the economy.

“Your economics is upside down. wheelbarrowism is the consequence of (trickle down) growthism,” Ndii replied to a Kenyans who had criticized the same.

“How are rakes, wheelbarrows and unpaid Kazi mtaani supposed to spur economic growth and promote a saving culture? East Africa is building without us,” Kasiva Mutisya has posed, which caught Ndii’s attention.

Ndii’s explanation has sparked more reactions from Kenyans, who have taken to the comment section to share mixed reactions.

Reactions from Kenyans:

@FrankMtetezi: Youths in Kenya should not be degraded and looked down upon as equal of Wheelbarrows, Mkokoteni and Spades ,since Kibaki introduced Free primary Education in 2002 most Youths went to school and need decent jobs other than being wheelbarrow drivers and mkokoteni captains!

@kakajaluo: All matters economics the master has spoken mambo kwisha. Ndii will break it down to “bite size” pieces.

@OlumJustus: Sir, do you support the issue of giving wheelbarrows on loan?

@williamsonsokP: Not necessarily. If you walk around town, you will notice a good number of loaders with trolleys (not donated by WSR). Many were in Mkokoteni business even when Uhuruto were siamese http://twins.It is just that Ruto the 2022 candidate chose it as his campaign strategy

@MihrThakar: Half of South Africa’s employed population is in trade, manufacturing or finance.


Economist David Ndii Supports DP Ruto In the wheelbarrows Campaign

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